About Chef Z & Raz’z Foods

Raz’z Bar and Grill is a well-rounded American restaurant featuring flavorful cajun influenced dishes created by Chef Raz Ademosu (Chef’Z).

Chef’z’s interesting life story has taken him from his early years in Ibandan, Nigeria helping his grandmother provide catering over an open fire, then onward to the U.S.A as a dishwasher, kitchen manager, then corporate training.

While working nights in a French-American bistro he remembered old memories of his grandmother’s dreams and decided to strike out on his own. With memories of his grandmother’s flavorful recipe’s guiding him he created Raz’z Bar and Grill.

His crowd pleasing fair (pasta, burgers, chicken fingers), paired with the unique flavor’s of native Nigerian spices like African dry root and wild rice has garnered Raz’z rave reviews, and awarded him spots on The Food Networks “The Best Thing You Ever Ate”. Look for Raz’z continued growth as a unique personality within the food industry as he releases more of his unique creations pre-prepared for easy home use.